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NMPD Fourth Semester Project Announcement

Posted on November 18, 2020

In partnership with NMPD students, faculty and the School of Information and Communication Technology, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame (CSHoF) we will be creating an interactive exhibit website. The website will share the stories – the truths and experiences – of the 14 Indigenous Hall of Famers inducted into CSHoF as well as their journeys from great to good: how they transitioned from achieving greatness in their sports to doing good in their communities. As historical educators, and by creating a platform for Indigenous Hall of Famers to share their stories, the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame can create awareness, which in turn prompts conversation and understanding. 

This exhibit will be a new asynchronous virtual experience in which users have control over both what they learn and how they learn. Students will engage with the content by integrating various strategies and technologies that cater to our local, provincial, and national audiences’ learning preferences. Users can choose the elements of the stories that pique their interest, providing control over what they learn, as well as the way in which they want to view the narrative – such as through video, photos, audio, text, and tactile interaction. Users will be able to zoom in on 360-degree views of artefacts, offering control over how they learn.